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About Chilli Peppers

The Chilli Pepper is the fruit of the plant from the genus capsicum, they are members of the nightshade family. The main active ingredient of a chilli when eaten or applied to the skin is capsicum and related compounds known as capsacinoids. The chilli peppers originated in Mexico and with modern trade routes quickly spread around the world although can be traced back as far as 7,500 BC. 

The Intensity of the chill can be increased during the growing cycle of the plant. If water stressed they are more likely to up the concentration of the capsaicin in part of the fruit. 


What Are The Health Benefits?

· Acts as a natural pain relief 

· Clears nasal congestion 

· Aids weight loss

· Can help prevent stomach ulcer's 

· Prohibits cancer 

· Reduces blood pressure 

· Contributes to red blood cell formation